The  CountrySTAT Tanzania national secretariat convened a five –day’s meeting 19 August,2013  in Morogoro recently to step up duties of the web-based database. 

Reporting at the meeting, the Country STAT national Coordinator Mr. Basike Mteleka said that the meeting went on well by accomplishing all planned duties. The salient achievements of the meeting include the following:-

Uploaded key indicators to CountrySTAT Tanzania website.

 Discussed and adopted Secretariat report of the meeting of Regional Technical Working group (RTWG) on RegionSTAT and implementation started by sending the indicators to experts (TWG) so that data collection can begin as per the priority list of RegionSTAT.

Uploaded statistical abstract tables to CountrySTAT Tanzania website.

Evaluation report was discussed and actions were taken to some of the indicators

When asked on the challenges faced Mr. Mteleka said that during the week, some of the tables could not be uploaded due to system failure. Another issue experienced was related to anomalies on some of the data uploaded due to decimal default, since number of people or animals appeared with decimals which is not a common phenomenon. This kind of anomaly was liable to confuse data users.

Regarding solutions to the problems, Mr. Mteleka said that, there is nothing the dedicated IT specialist of countrySTAT Tanzania can do to rectify the recorded system problems. As such the problems have been reported to be dealt with by the FAO IT specialist who to a larger extent manages the system. He said that the sooner the system problems are worked out it will help the team to upload tables to CountrySTAT Tanzania website without any problem.

In an effort to increase visibility and use of CountrySTAT Tanzania, Mr. Mteleka expressed commitment to organize seminars to ensure that stakeholders are made aware and encouraged to make use of the data available in the website. 

Members of the Secretariat, CountrySTAT Tanzania: from left are Faraja Komba, Richard Kasuga, Basike Mteleka, Beatrice Rwegoshora and  Malemi Nyanda